Gail Coates

Gail Coates


A Third Way for Catholic Schools  The Tablet Vol 269, No 9123, 24 October 2015 pp.S6-S7

A Curriculum for Future Leaders  John Milton's Vision of Educatio by Roderick Kefford Independence Vol 40 No 2 Oct 2015 pp.56-57

Letter from the Second Marist International Mission Assembly October 2014

Gail Coates writes on - Marcellin in the Footsteps of Mary.

Br Andre Lanfrey writes on the - Origins of Marist Spirituality.

Those preparing for the canonisation compiled the following - Draft History of the Institute 1903 - 2003 



The West Central Europe Province of the Marist Brothers publishes a quality - Marist Journal four times each year.


Here are three eulogies on Br Charles Howard who died on Saturday 14th January, 2012. The eulogies are written by - Br Sean Sammon, - Clare Howard and - Br Brendan Geary respectively.